Acacia Dining Table from Slab


Acacia Wood


42” wide x 70” long x 3 ¾” thick slab.

Made from a slab, 48” wide x 72” long x 4” thick

(approximately 100 board feet).


Acacia; also known as Hawaiian Koa.  Beautiful colour, texture and grain similar to mahogany; hand-carved, floral design.  A very special, rare specimen and one-of-a-kind; excellent workmanship.

Additional Information

Acacia floral carved piece, 44” x 70” x 1 ¾” thickness, available with its book-matched table piece of same dimension. Click here.

In reference to the middle picture, the two pedestal table base (10 board feet each) were made from teak wood. The cylindrical structure of the table base is a solid piece.

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